Spring Time in Leonie's Garden

SPRING INTO IT I don’t know about you but when it comes to spring there is something in the air that makes me fall in love with the garden. I adore seeing the spring bulbs burst into flower or the trees showing off their spectacular blooms. But most of all I love getting out into Read More →

Escape to the Country

Distractions are a big problem in my life while I am trying to focus on creating and sharing my gifts with the world. I find myself jumping on to the social media pages to see what other people are doing and then lose focus on what I am trying to create myself, I’m sure some Read More →

Professional Development Cover

Hello Butterfly Goddesses How well do you perform in your business? That big burning question that you don’t really want to answer Where am I headed How am I going to get there What are my outcomes After attending a performance development plan and review meeting for supervisors this week I started to think about Read More →

My desk with crystals that help me create

Hello Butterflies Do you ever think Oh what am I going to write about next, how can I create and help others when I can’t even think of anything to tell them about? Well I hit hit that plateau today and as I was thinking I know I have all this knowledge inside me but Read More →

Balcony Garden

Hello Butterflies Balcony gardening can be so satisfying when you grow your own food and the convenience of having your produce just outside your kitchen door is a real advantage. For busy people who don’t have much time to garden but love to grow things, growing in pots is rewarding and you would be surprised Read More →

Beautiful Butterfly

To be able to teach others how to evolve we have to go through our own transformation stages, only then can we pass on the meaning of life, just like the butterfly once she has gone through all the cycles of her life only then does she show her true beauty. Butterfly women know how Read More →